Tips for Choosing Online Dating Sites to use

Tips for Choosing Online Dating Sites to Use

How many dating sites have you tried so far? What has been your experience with them?

If you did not have fun with them then maybe you didn’t try the right online dating site. We hope this doesn’t keep you away from dating sites forever.

Sure, online dating isn’t for everyone but there truly is a good dating site for nearly everyone. There are endless niche dating sites and some brands really do an amazing job at matching their members.

Want to give online dating another try? Then let us help you find the best dating site for your romantic needs with these 10 tips.


  1. Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free

Many dating sites try to lure you in by claiming that you can register for free. While signing up and creating a profile may be free, doing anything else on the website probably requires that you upgrade to a paid account.

And that’s when they have you. You already took the time to fill out their questionnaires and create a dating profile so you might as well pay to be able to send and receive messages, right?

Sometimes, this is what gets people stuck with a dating site that isn’t a very good match for them. Don’t get tricked by this marketing scheme, only pay for the dating sites that you are truly interested in using.


  1. Pay for Quality

Besides the many websites that offer free registration, there are a few dating sites that really are free to use. If you are completely new to online dating these may be worth an orientation but they are not always the best representation of online dating.

While browsing through free dating sites you start noticing the outdated web layouts, limited functions and poor quality of profiles. It’s simple, the paid dating sites have a bigger budget to make their website more user-friendly.

If you want better quality service and an easy to navigate website, you are better off on a paid dating site. Plus, the singles on these paid sites are generally more serious about dating, too.


  1. Don’t Immediately Commit to Long-Term Memberships

If you are given the option of a trial period or a shorter membership, go for it. It might be worth your time to try out different dating sites until you find the one that you are most happy with.

You are less likely to switch to another dating site if you are stuck with a 1-year membership. Although the longer memberships are more affordable, they are still not worth it if you stop visiting the site after just a month.

While you are still getting familiar with the different dating sites, try to only opt-in for 1-month memberships. You can even subscribe to several at the same time to compare them better.


  1. Know What You Are Looking For

Before searching for different types of dating sites, think about what you are looking for. Are you interested in something more casual, something more serious or just browsing for a quick hookup?

Are there certain characteristics that are non-negotiable for you? For example, do you want to meet a fellow Christian, someone that is career-minded or are you in for some sexual experimentation?

There is a niche dating site for almost every personality trait and dating types. If you are able to formulate what exactly you are looking for, you are able to narrow down the dating site options.


  1. Go for General Dating Sites If You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Not yet sure about your niche or don’t want to commit to a single option? Then you might get the most out of the more general dating sites like Match and EHarmony.

These dating sites are the biggest dating platforms because they truly cater to a wide variety of singles. Whether you are just having fun meeting new people, want someone that understands what it’s like dating with kids or serious about meeting your Prince Charming, it all fits in.

The advantage of Match and EHarmony is that they have very extensive matching algorithms so you can easily find the people that check all your boxes. And since there is no niche, you can try out different types of dates whenever you like. They also have a number of reviews online (you can read an eHarmony review here), which you may not be able to find with more “niche” dating sites.


  1. Think About Your Age

After 21 none us like to be reminded of our age but when you are dating online it is something you have to think about. You have to understand that each dating site is more popular among a specific age group.

For example, a third of EHarmony members are between 18 – 24, a third of Match members are 35 – 44 and OurTime is for singles over 50. So, if you are 65 and looking for your second love, EHarmony may not be the best option for you.

Sure, we can say that age is just a number and sometimes age gaps really make no difference. However, if you want someone in a similar life stage as yourself, you might have more luck finding someone similar in age.


  1. Read Reviews

Most of read reviews before we order something online because we want an independent opinion. For the same reason, you should read the reviews of dating sites.

There are two types of places you can read online reviews of dating sites. You can either scroll through the member testimonials on the website itself or look for external dating site reviews on websites like

Of course, the member testimonials are always positive (otherwise they wouldn’t post them) but they are a good insight into the overall experience and perks. External dating site review websites are good for comparing several dating sites at the same time.


  1. Ask Your Friends

There is a reason why you get along with your friends, you probably have similar interests. Even if you don’t have the same preference in men and women, you may have the same preferences in dating experiences.

Online dating is so common these days that nearly everyone has several friends that are on dating app or website. Why not make use of this first-hand information?

Invite your friend over and ask them to talk you through their online dating experiences on the sites and apps that they use. You can learn from their mistakes and successes for a better online dating experience of your own.


  1. Check the Affiliates

Some dating sites are part of an online dating network. This means that the brand runs several dating sites and by registering for one of them your profile is automatically added to their sister sites, too.

The reasoning behind this is that many niche dating sites have a small member pool. By bringing all these similar sites together you have a bigger chance of meeting someone you are interested in.

Understandably, not everyone is comfortable with this. Be aware of what you are signing up for by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and checking whether there is a mention of affiliates or dating site network.


  1. Self-Driven or Tailor-Made for You?

A final consideration you should making when choosing a dating site is how much effort you want to put into it. Do you want their algorithm to do all the work for you or would you prefer performing your own profile searches?

Check how the dating site works by reading dating site review articles and guides. This way you won’t be in for any surprises after you have already registered.

If you are pressed for time and don’t enjoy filtering through matches, a more comprehensive dating service like EHarmony or It’s Just Lunch might be better for you. If you prefer to have greater control and flexibility then the dating sites with advanced profile search options are a better bet.

With so many different options to choose from it can be overwhelming to find the best dating site for you. The truth is that your search for a date starts even before you register for a dating site.

We recommend that you make a list of your online dating priorities so you can make better comparisons. Find lists of the best dating sites online as an introduction of everything that is out there. Then, read reviews and ask your friends for their tips.

It might be a little bit more work before the actual fun starts but this orientation is worth it. You will be happy that you put in a little more effort once you are out there having fun on fantastic dates.

Tips for Choosing Online Dating Sites to Use How many dating sites have you tried so far? What has been your experience with them? If you did not have fun…

Dating Tips & Advice for New Relationships

Dating Tips and Advice for New Relationships

New relationships are exciting. The first weeks and months are the time to explore where you fit in each other’s lives. It forms the foundation of the rest of your relationship.

Many give you the advice to stay in the moment and simply enjoy it for what it is. Although this is true, you should also remember that you are laying the groundwork for what is yet to come. You want to work from a solid foundation, not one that easily washes away.

How do you do that? How do you give a new relationship the start that it deserves? Here are a few tips.


  1. Leave the Past for What It Is

Many new couples get too caught up in their own and their partner’s past. Although it is valuable to a relationship to know where the other person is coming from, getting stuck in the past is disastrous.

You don’t want to build insecurities comparing yourself to your partner’s exes. You don’t want to set unrealistic expectations on your current partner, only to be disappointed.

We all have our scars from past relationships and some are deeper than others. The important thing is to recognize which of our behaviors are triggered by past relationships and to find a way to separate the then and now.

It is important that you also know what these triggers are in your partner. Then, you can develop an understanding of what has hurt them in the past and find a way to reassure them that it won’t happen again.


  1. Don’t Stress About the Labels

Labels are unnecessary when two people are confident in their relationship. When you feel uncertain about the status of your relationship, there is probably another conversation that you need to have.

Every relationship expert will tell you that communication is key. It may be a cliche but it is a cliche with truth.

At the very start of a relationship, your goal should be exploration; discovering what role you want to play in each other’s lives. Once you have come to a conclusion, you can have the conversation with the person you are dating.

Don’t feel too rushed to place a label on things, right from the start. It gives you the freedom to be honest about the relationship instead of feeling pressured into expectations.


  1. Don’t Go from 0 to 60

When you meet someone that drives you mad with desire, brings butterflies to your stomach and keeps you smiling all day, it is amazing. It is like a new high in our life and the natural reaction is to chase it.

Although this is a good sign of chemistry, it is not a guarantee of anything. It might be hard to spot the red flags in the beginning which is why it is better to take things slow.

Don’t drop everything just to be with that special person. Make sure you are still leaving plenty of time for your friends, family and especially yourself.

Going from 0 to 60 right from the start can build a dependency that is difficult to unlearn. Remember that a relationship does not define you and that you have every right to also have a life that is just yours.


  1. Be Honest

One of the hardest things in a new relationship is being honest, both with yourself and with each other. However, being honest from the beginning saves you both a lot of heartbreak down the road.

You can only be honest with another person when you are able to be honest with yourself. This is easier said than done but if you can put in the work on yourself first, your relationship will only benefit from it.

Being honest with yourself involves recognizing your own triggers, your own needs and what you want in your future. Try to get these elements as clear as possible for yourself.

Having this clarity for yourself also brings clarity to the new relationship. You will be able to recognize earlier on whether you and your love interest are on the same page.


  1. Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

Hindsight is 20-20 vision. Or is that only an excuse to let ourselves get carried away in a new relationship?

Even relationships that ended horribly can help us in a new relationship. They are a lesson in red flags.

Although it is only fair to give someone the benefit of the doubt, it is not fair to yourself to fall back into negative patterns. Our bodies are more perceptive then we sometimes allow ourselves to think – listen to your gut feeling.

If something doesn’t feel right, if something in their behavior is making you uncomfortable or anxious, listen to that feeling. It doesn’t always have to mean the end of a relationship but it does mean there is some work to be done.


  1. Don’t Feel Pressured to Become Someone Else

Most couples put in a little more effort at the start of a relationship. This is normal because you are giddy with excitement and want to give the relationship the best chance.

What is not normal is feeling forced into habits and opinions that fundamentally change you. It is not normal for a partner to make you do, say and feel things that don’t come naturally to you.

Not only is this a red flag, it is simply not a good foundation for your relationship. How long can you keep up a false presentation of yourself?

Ask yourself the question whether the person that you are dating is truly interested in you or just a version of you. Also ask the reverse. Are you truly into the person as they are or are you hoping they will one day fulfill your ideal picture of a partner?


  1. Pay Attention to the Actions

They may be saying all the right things but are they also doing all the right things? We have to be honest about the fact that what we say does not always match up to what we actually do. This applies to both people in a relationship.

Do not get carried away by beautiful words and quick promises. You won’t know if they mean anything until the person finally comes through.

At the same time, pay attention to your own behavior. Are you telling your date that you are more excited or more comfortable than you really are?

In both cases, there will be telltale signs that the words don’t match the actions. Train yourself to recognize these clues (which also helps with honesty).


  1. Meet Their Friends

There is no need to rush to meet the parents but meeting the friends can tell you a lot about a new relationship. It shows you how they are beyond your blissful couple bubble.

There are two sides to pay attention to when hanging out with their friends; how do they act and how are you acting yourself? Both of you should be comfortable with the other person being there.

If you are noticing behavior that doesn’t sit right with you, ask yourself how it might affect your relationship. Is it a red flag? Does it show their true character? Is there more to them than you initially thought?

Similarly, if you find yourself pretending to be something that you are not around their friends, are you setting yourself up for trouble down the road? You don’t have to become best friends with their friends but you should feel good about them.


  1. Fall in Love with the Person, Not the Relationship

Having a long-term plan is good for setting goals, manifesting and simply knowing what you really want. However, a long-term plan should not place pressure on a new relationship.

Your mother telling you to finally settle down and your friends having babies should have no influence on your new relationship. That is their situation, not yours.

When you start to feel pressured by others’ expectations, or even your own expectations, you may be forcing a new relationship into something it is not meant to be. This when people settle or rush – neither is sustainable.

In a new relationship, you should be focusing on the person and not what you want the relationship to become. Focusing on the person will help express your true feelings instead of your expectations.


  1. Know Where You Both Stand

Don’t start listing baby names on date #3 but don’t hide what you want out of a relationship, either. It is important that you are both aware of where the other person stands so that you can go into the relationship without misconceptions.

This knowledge doesn’t have to be paired with labels, pressures or deadlines at the start of the relationship. There should still be space for the relationship to grow organically.

However, knowing where you both stand in life and where you eventually want to go is important. The emphasis here is on the word ‘eventually’ because the start of the relationship is still a time for exploration.

You should feel comfortable with sharing what you want with them, even if they might not be on the same page just yet. Simply knowing what you want will help you both evaluate where the relationship could go and prevent the relationship from holding you back.

Thinking with a clear head is not the easiest thing when you are falling in love. Frankly, that is part of what makes new love so wonderful.

So, take the advice in this article as a guideline instead of a commandment. The truth is that you are the only one that can truly evaluate the relationship.

Dating Tips and Advice for New Relationships New relationships are exciting. The first weeks and months are the time to explore where you fit in each other’s lives. It forms…