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Constance Helen Keefer, M.D.


Keefer PhotoDr. Dr. Keefer is an assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. She received a BA from Allegheny College, Meadville, PA in 1965. She took her M.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, studying pediatric neurology wit Dr. Isabelle Rapin at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and child psychoanalysis at the Hampstead Clinic in London. After pediatric residency at Babies' and Children's Hospital, Cleveland OH (PL-1) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston (PL-2 & 3), and chief residency in pediatrics at MGH, she studied and taught for six years in a child development Fellowship with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton at Children's Hospital. Prior to her return to the Children's Hospital in 1991, she practiced pediatrics for 11 years in a Boston HMO, where she received the Joseph L. Dorsey award.

Dr. Keefer is a member of Faculty teaching Newborn Service at Brigham and Women's Hospital and director of a newborn primary care curriculum for Children's Hospital pediatric residents. She is on the faculties of the Brazelton Institute and Brazelton Touchpoints Center. In addition, she directs the Healthy Connections Program at Children's Hospital, a perinatal intervention program.

Dr. Keefer's research has been on culture, parenting, child development (in Kenya and Boston), and on newborn behavior. Her teaching is focused on development and behavior in pediatric primary care and on an anthropological perspective in behavioral pediatrics.

She has contributed textbook chapters on development, cultural issues in behavior and development, the shy child, and nursery care on the newborn. Dr. Keefer's faculty positions have included: Teaching Center of Harvard Community Health Plan, National Center for Clinical Infant Programs, Chinese Medical Association and Harvard Medical School's New Pathway Clinical Curriculum.


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