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Scotland: Understanding the baby and supporting parents using the NBO and NBAS

Training Group
(l to r. at front table) Berry Brazelton, Lise Johnson, Jayne Singer, Karin Stjernqvist, Hanne Munck, Beulah Warren, Ann Stadtler, Una Nugent, Connie Keefer and Claudia Quigg

Drs. Kevin Nugent and Joanna Hawthorne coordinated the International NBO/NBAS Trainers meeting which took place on June 12th, 2014 at the Playfair Library, Edinburgh University and the "Understanding the baby and supporting parents using the NBO and NBAS: International Perspectives" meeting which took place on the following day at the same venue. The NBAS and NBO Trainers meeting was attended by researchers and clinicians from around the world. This was an extraordinarily significant – and memorable – reunion, as the first international meeting of NBAS trainers was organized by Dr. Nugent in Berlin in 1985. Many of these who attended that meeting were present for this Edinburgh meeting, almost thirty years later. The focus of the day was on the NBO and NBAS and on their uses in research and clinical practice, while one of the main themes of this year's meeting was to address the future of NBAS and NBO training and to plan accordingly. There was unanimous agreement that that these goals were reached and that the lectures were excellent, the NBO and NBAS research poster presentations revealing, the discussions illuminating, and that all of this was enhanced by the ambience of the elegant Playfair Library venue.

group of trainers
The NBO in Research Roundtable led by Beth McManus

To the surprise and delight of all present, Dr. Brazelton – now 96-years-old – attended and was actively engaged in the sessions from beginning to end. The opening addresses on both days was delivered by Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, Emeritus Professor of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Edinburgh. Click here on Trevarthen WAIMH 2014. to read his brilliant addresses. Speakers on June 13th also included Kevin Nugent, Joanna Hawthorne (UK), Campbell Paul (Australia), Kari Slinning (Norway), Emese Nagy (Scotland), Heidelise Als (US), Joshua Sparrow (US), Beth McManus (US), Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern (Switzerland), Kristie Brandt (USA) and Topun Austin (UK). Click here to view the June 13th programme.

Norway Training Group
Dr. Brazelton with Australian NBO trainers Meghan Chapman, Campbell Paul, Beulah Warren and Susan Nicolson

The day of the 13th ended with a Forum: Looking toward the Future, moderated by Drs. Nugent and Hawthorne. The panel included Eileen Hayes (UK), Hui Li (China), Beth McManus (US), Campbell Paul (Aus), Susan Pawlby (UK), Maggie Redshaw (UK), Kari Slinning (Nor), Debbie Weatherston (USA).

The International Trainers meeting on the 12th was addressed by Professor Joao Gomes Pedro, who spoke about the contribution of Berry Brazelton to his own discovery of the field of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. This address was followed by trainers from the different countries discussing the status of NBAS and NBO training in their respective settings. The day included a series of roundtable discussions on training and research challenges. In the meantime, delegates reiterated their commitment to continuing to discuss these proposals on line with a view to strengthening the network and ensuring the deepening and expansion of our NBO and NBAS programs and research initiatives. The session ended with an action plan for the future and a decision to meet again in Boston in October 2016.

large group pic
UK NBAS/NBO group with Dr. Brazelton, Dr. Nugent, Dr Hawthorne and Betty Hutchon

The day ended with a musical evening at St. Leonard's Hall, where traditional Scottish harpers, Patsy Seddon and Mary Mcmaster (Sileas) played the electric harp and gut-string harp and sung in both Gaelic and English. It was a night of toasts, stories and music. Inger-Pauline Landsem led off with a spontaneous Norwegian toast, while our colleagues from French-Speaking countries, Marie Grenet, Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, Claire deVriendt-Goldman and Marie-Paule Durieux sang a traditional French children's song.

group pic
Campbell Paul and Beulah Warren congratulate Kevin Nugent on his WAIMH award.

Our Australian colleague – who has strong Scottish ties – Campbell Paul gave a virtuoso performance on the bagpipes featuring Scotland the Brave and Marie's Wedding and added a rousing vocal version of Harry Lauder's classic, "I belong to Glasgow". Joao Gomes Pedro shared a philosophical vignette from Portugal and Kevin Nugent sang the traditional Gaelic song, "Bheir me O", accompanied by Patsy and Mary. UK colleagues, Joanna Hawthorne, Jeanette Appleton, Deanna Gibbs and Kim Benn led a chorus of "Loch Lomond", while Jeanette also gave a beautiful rendition of a traditional English song Bonny at Morn. Other contributors included a recitation by Claudia Quigg, while Berry Brazelton himself sang one of his favorites, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" with gusto and flair. Kevin Nugent offered a final "slainte" and an invitation to all to meet again in Boston in 2105. The evening ended – fittingly – with a traditional version of "Auld Lang Syne" accompanied by Mary and Patsy on the Scottish harps. (See gallery below for more photos)

photo gallery
Edinburgh International NBO/NBAS Meeting Photos


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