Ab Initio International Spring 2009
Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field

Submitted by Sue Marincel, RN
Bayfield, Wisconsin
Red Cliff Early Childhood Center

Since I began to use the NBO in my home visits, I discovered that each experience was different. It was great to have something new to lead into conversations with the parents. I found myself doing much more reassuring and challenging and found that the flow became smoother and more relaxed. I think I was lucky with the Moms I had because they were enthusiastic and very interested and so much experts themselves. These Moms had done extensive reading, preparing for the birth and for the baby and were very easy to work with. They wanted to find out as much as they could about their babies and truly were working hard to be good parents. I am excited to use the NBO on each new baby home or hospital visit. I also will be doing an evening session for new Moms and "soon-to-be-Moms" and trying my best to incorporate NBO for my families to appreciate.

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